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Seo in Travel Industry

Search engine optimisation is always a difficult subject, but when it comes to the travel industry it is fiercely competitive. With up to 78% of Europeans saying the internet was their preferred booking medium
The travel industry is a multimillion dollar/pound industry, where a single google top page ranking can lead to many thousands of website visitors per day and sales that can stretch from a couple of hundred dollars or pounds to many thousands.
Many tour operators have large SEO teams who do nothing but focus on the activity of getting particular keywords to rank highly on each of the search engines.
So how do smaller travel agencies, hotels and resorts compete in this ultra-competitive landscape?

We interviewed Adrian Tatum CEO of Effective Business Growth  an Aylesbury SEO company, who specialise in the travel industry and here are a few of Adrian’s top tips.
Adrian said.

“In addition to all the normal SEO work like good keyword research and good link building, encouraging social interaction with your website is key. The big search engines seem to use social signals more and more. A good constructed travel site has lots of opportunities for social, such as, nice photos and videos that can be shared on an aspirational basis, sort of wish you were here to attract Facebook likes.
As a recent example one of our big clients is the Maldives Resorts specialist website SevenHolidays, we were targeting a new Luxury Maldives Holiday page for them, so we got them to approach a few resorts and offer a competition to win some free nights’ accommodation. This we advertised on the page and also did a Facebook advertising campaign. This drove tons of interaction and customer engagement”.

As an update to this we have also now started work on the search term Luxury Maldives Holidays

SEO In Travel IndustryWhen you add the additional complexity of travellers internet journeys to find a potential holiday, this further compounds complexity. As showing in this graphic many travel related SEO queries searches start with an aspirational or dream search and only as the buying journey nears completion does the final search phrase become crystallised. By this point many potential travellers are already on travel sites so not using search engines. This makes keyword selection much more complicated

I think it is clear that although the travel industry has a very competitive SEO landscape, by thinking out of the box even small players can get a nice slice of the pie. Leading the way with rich content and driving social interaction will ensure that all players can compete on a level playing field and you do not necessarily need the type of budget spent by the likes of the major airlines and tour operators to play in this space.

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